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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

By the way, I love Craig Ferguson from the Late Late Show. He makes me want to watch Scottish porn.
7 is upstairs spanking the kids. They absolutely destroyed their room and then would not clean it up when we told them to go clean. They would go up there and fart around for a little while, then come back downstairs and start bugging me. When I asked them if the room was done, they'd of course say yes, and when I told them I was throwing away anything I found on the floor, they'd run back up saying they'd forgotten to clean something up. Finally 7 went up there and I suppose it still looked like a bomb went off since he has been up there for about an hour and he is sounding ready to kill someone. Our children have to be instructed on every little step when it comes to cleaning their room. Here is a typical exchange:

K- Charlie, pick up the dishes and put them in the basket.
Charlie- (surrounded by toy dishes) I can't not see them.
K- They're right there by your feet.
C- Where? (Looking right and left, but never down)
K- (Pointing at the floor by her feet) By your feet. On the floor. Look down... DOWN! DOWN ON THE FLOOR!! BY YOUR FEET!! DOWN ON THE FLOOR BY YOUR FEET!!!
C- (Now turning in circles but still not looking down) No can find find them.
K- DAMMIT CHARLIE! BY YOUR FEET! (Getting up, taking Charlie's head in my hands and making her look down) THERE, ON THE FLOOR! DO YOU SEE THEM NOW?
C- Oooh. Them on floor.
K- Yeah... put them in the basket.
C- Can't. Don't know how.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Quick kid funnies

Anytime we do something silly Charlie will tell us, "Mommy, you all funny." It's accompanied by this swishy little wrist movement that makes us wonder if she thinks we're gay.

A lady commented on Charlie's sparkly red shoes, "You have Dorothy shoes on."
Oliver- "Dorky shoes? She does NOT have dorky shoes on!"

We think you should teach your children the correct names for genitalia. Doing this leads to comments such as this one . Ollie- "Mommy, you have a piegena (rhymes with hyena)."
So we got a tree and 7 got to decorate it this year. He decided to do it all red and silver with little red bows and his Texan's christmas hat on the top. It's really cute and everyone who has seen it loves it. We've got the living room decorated and I can breathe easier now. I've also almost got all my shopping done. Yippee!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

I am so sorry. I have been a very bad girl. Maybe you should spank me for not blogging in so long.

Anyways, so here it is December and I have a few things to say. Beware, they are kind of random.

1. I had a great birthday in November. I turned 29 (yikes!) and my husband suprised me with a PARTY. Usually on my birthday we are broke and end up doing nothing. Of course, being the wonderful wife I am, I say it's ok, and don't dwell on it. But really, it sucks nuts. Not to mention that 7 always gets a dinner and stuff on his birthday. But this year was great. Thanks 7.

2. Charlie is really talking now. She loves to sing for us. One of her favorite songs is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Daddy was singing with her one day and decided to switch it up a little bit and said duck, instead of star. So now Charlie sings, "Twinkle Twinkle little duck, how I wonder what you frog" which would be fine, except that when she says frog, it rhymes with duck.

3. I've been confronting my anxiety issues head on lately. We are the assistant managers for the apartment complex in which we live. I have to come man the office on occasion and answer calls from people looking for apartments. I have never liked talking on the phone, especiallty to strangers. So here I am doing some of the most stress inducing things I can think of, and I'm kind of liking it. As long as I know what I'm supposed to say, it's not too bad. Who knows, maybe I'll be talking to people out in public soon.

4. I love Converse high tops. They rock.

5. Christmas is coming and I'm all excited. I can't wait to get my house all decorated and everything. I've got tons of stuff to put up, but haven't really decorated since we moved from Monrovia. Last year we tied the top half of our little fake tree to the stair railing at about 11:30 on Christmas Eve and had the kids hang some ornaments on it. I was so bummed out. So this year we are getting a real tree and doing it right. Yipee!!