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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm attempting to turn over a new leaf. I'm going to stop smoking crack. I'm serious, I'm really going to quit this time. I can't handle the insanity it brings into my life, making me jittery and sleepless, making me act weird in public and talk to myself. Oh wait, that's just me. Well there ya go, I already kicked the habit. Way to go Kaykay!

Kid Quotes

Overheard the other morning while the kids were playing.
Oliver: "We're not just rabbits, we're NINJA RABBITS!" (starts singing the theme song from the Incredibles)

Charlie playing with a little animal figurine: "Momma, that looks like Snowball."
Kayla: "I thought Snowball was white."
C: "Oh, he got little... and brown."

Prior to leaving for Lake Isabella.
7: "Oliver, go get your swimsuit."
Ollie: "Are we going swimming? At the lake?"
7: "Yes."
O: nodding, with a thinking look on his face "Will there be drowning?"

Oliver: "Happy Smother Day!" while presenting me with a card.

While looking at the story about David and Goliath in an illustrated children's Bible.
K: "Do you remember the name of the giant with the army?"
O: "Umm... vagina?"

Upon seeing people in boats on the lake.
Oliver: "Ooh look! They're in canutes!"

In the car. Charlie: "Momma, are we peoples?"
K: "Yes, we are."
C: "See Ollie, I told you we not aliens."

While feeding ducks at the pond.
Charlie: "Oh Momma look. Little peeps!"