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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I had a birthday yesterday. I turned 30. I reflected on the fact that my twenties were over and I wondered if I had really spent them the best way I could. I didn't reach any professional goals. I surely didn't reach any financial goals. I didn't take very good care of my health, mental or physical. What I did do though, is have two awesome kids completely by accident. Both kids were a suprise, birth-control-odds-overcoming blessing. I reflect on how lucky I was to end up with the monkies I have. They are good, caring, sweet, empathetic, helpful, well-behaved, intelligent, funny kids. And damn good looking to boot. My very handsome husband contributed some good genes there. Everything else, I'll take credit for. So all in all, I guess I spent my twenties in a pretty good way. I met and married 7, apparently had way too much sex and ended up with two wonderful babies, got to be with them almost every day since they were born, and moved into my third decade without a major freak out. I can honestly say I think I am a great mom. I am a wonderful wife and a good person. That's way more than I was ever able to say about myself before. Hopefully my thirties will be full of more good things.


  • At 11:00 PM, Blogger jagular said…

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nevermind all that. What kind of loot did you get?

  • At 8:42 AM, Blogger Random Girl said…

    Well, we weren't able to have a party or anything yet since we're all so busy. I'm going to be having one with Oliver later this month. We didn't throw one for the boy either, so he and I are going to have an awesome Transformers birthday party for turning 5 and 30!

    As for loot. So far, I've received the new Barenaked Ladies CD (yippee!), 2 lbs. of fruitcake (I LOVE the stuff), and a couple of cards. I have been informed more is coming when I have the actual party.


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