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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I didn't even get to bounce!

So for as long as we've had kids and we've been around those bouncy houses, I've wanted to get in one. I never have though out of fear that I would A) break it or B) embarass myself in some way. Well, last weekend I decided to quit listening to that little voice and climbed into the bouncer my sister-in-law had set up for her son's birthday.
I was in it a total of 5 seconds when Oliver got hurt. I took a step back so I could see what was wrong with him and disaster struck. When I stepped back, my foot went over the edge of the bottom platform and onto the lax material of the side. It made me lose my balance and I grabbed the netting to hold me up forgetting that the whole contraption is held up by air. Needless to say, in a horrifying slow motion second, I managed to make the whole side of the castle crumple, fell over the edge and ended up stuck like a whale in a fishing net. To add insult to injury, it had been raining a little all morning and there was a puddle on the roof. When I fell and pulled the side down, the water from the roof dumped on me and left me completely soaked. So I was hanging there, pinned to the side of the bouncy castle, pulling the whole roof down and the kids started screaming and pouring out of the thing. I managed to get my nephew's attention long enough to tell him to go get Uncle 7. Then I started laughing hysterically.
7 comes out and has a look at what's going on. His comment? To sigh and say, "Oh Kayla." the way you would to a pet that's done yet another stupid thing. He then just grabbed the net and rolled me back up into the bouncer, easy as pie. I rolled to the exit and sloshed into the house laughing my ass off and thanking God only two adults had seen me.

Lessons Learned: Llisten to that little voice in your head telling you not to do things dammit.


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