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Monday, August 28, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kid Quotes
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During a discussion about birds.
Charlie: I like mopping birds. Crows have big smiles and eat dirt.
Oliver: Birds poop out guts when they fly around.
Kayla: They do not! It's just poop.
Oliver: (In a very stern and patronizing voice) No Mom, it's guts.

Kayla: (Trying to go out to water the lawn) Come on guys, let's get ready to go!
Oliver: To LA?

Oliver: (suddenly jumping up from in front of the tv) Oh darn it! I'm always late.
Kayla: Late for what?
Oliver: Late for the bad guys. I'm supposed to go get Dr. Octopus. (racing up the stairs)

On the phone with Daddy.
Charlie: Hi Daddy.
Oliver: Tell him you have a cow on your eyeball.
Charlie: I love you.
Oliver: Tell him you have a COW on your EYEBALL!
Charlie: (Taking phone from her ear and covering the mouthpiece) Ollie, hush up! I talking a Daddy!


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