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Monday, August 28, 2006

I look like... (Deluxe Edition)
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Wow, a bulletin has made me want to post really silly stuff in here. You put "(your name) looks like" in a Google search and see what it comes up with. Here are mine.

"kayla" looks like a total white. (Yeah, what of it?)

Kayla looks like she could give birth any time now. (Geez, I know I've put on some weight, but man, that's harsh)

KAYLA LOOKS LIKE SHE IS WORKING HARD HERE! (Workin hard, or hardly workin?)

Kayla- looks like she would be annerexic but she is always hangin with melanie (Bitch feeds me all the time, no wonder I look pregnant)

kayla looks like she is havin so much fun! oh and those eyes...those blueberry eyes!!! ... (What have you been smokin?)

(Kayla) looks like mostly like a Shepherd, (I do? I always thought Saint Bernard was more like it.)

KAYLA: Looks like a full house tonight, Ma. (Always a full house at my mom's)

Kayla looks like one of those Russian babes who is very close to perfection. She's not perfect though, she's really just a fucking dirty slut! ... (Shhh.. don't tell anyone)

Kayla looks like such a sweetheart Dee. (Who is Dee, and why are you talking about me to her?)

Kayla's looks like soft serve ice cream (It most certainly does not!!)

Kayla looks like a crackheadd. (If I smoked crack covered in bacon grease maybe)

you shall not know what kayla looks like. (Thanks Gandalf)

KAYLA LOOKS LIKE THE GIRL FRUM THE RING AND SHE HATES FAT PEOPLE. (I like fat people, really. The bigger the better. They make me look skinny.)

Kayla looks like a little sweetie and that picture of her and RubyDubie is so cute. (Rubie Dubie? Now I know what they were smokin.)

Kayla looks like she's never gotten over losing him..She's loved him all these years. (I never did get over it. Vince Gill, come back to me! Amy Grant is a weasel.)

Kayla, looks like the tree angel. (Picturing a pine with wings.)

Kayla looks like a real Sweetheart. (Bless your heart.)

I think Kayla looks like Parker Posey when she was in best of show, which really isnt a good think because she was one of the ones who needed therapy. ... (So I'm ugly and crazy?)


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