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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Re-entering society via the purchase of a prepaid Visa debit card today had me feeling weird. I have been operating on a cash/ money order only basis for so long, that it really bothers me to have money on a card and not physically in my possession. We had some hard times a few years back and ended up filing bankruptcy because we had to pay for everything with credit for a while. So now I feel weird getting another card, even though it's a prepaid debit card. I literally can't spend money I don't have, however, the temptation to spend money I shouldn't is still there. The world of eBay is open to me now. It was always harder to buy things since I had to send a money order, now I can do it all online. Tempting. I shall have to exercise caution and remind 7 to do so as well.


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