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Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy Ass

So the other night I get home from my mom's house and collapse on the couch after another long hard day of watching kids. 7 had been gone all day filming shorts for the new Rat Theater website. He never tells me what they are going to be doing specifically because he thinks it's funnier to leave me in the dark. Anyways, he was home when I got there and came over to hug me. When he got up he turned around and dropped his pants. Not completely unusual, considering we tend to moon each other a lot anyways. What was unusual though was the big blue happy face drawn on his ass. I laughed, then noticed that it wasn't drawn in 7's signature style. So then I began to wonder, who the hell was writing all over my husband's ass and for what purpose. I also began to wonder how the person got away without bodily injury since I am subjected to the wrath of 7 if I get to near his crack even by accident.

Turns out, the artist was our friend Gabe. He didn't get pounded to a pulp because 7 filled in the very middle of the face. They were using it for part of the film going on the website., Oh joy of joys, another public place where you can see my husband's ass. The best part of all this (severe sarcasm here) was that I got to spray hairspray all over his rear end and scrub the ink off so it didn't stain our sheets like it did the toilet seat. Fun fun, eh?


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