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Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm so dizzy... My head is spinnin'

So I woke up the other night at 2 a.m. from a dead sleep ready to hurl. I felt so sick to my stomach and the damn room wouldn't stay still. I swear it was swirling around me. Shifting and turning like some kind of crazy carnival ride. I tried to get up to walk and fell against the wall. I made my way through my tilting bedroom to the top of the stairs and called down to 7, "There's something wrong with me!"

Once I was downstairs I figured out that if I moved my head to the side there were like movement ripples that continued after I quit moving. I imagined it would make the sound the 6 Million Dollar Man did when he ran. I proceeded to sit on the couch clutching my puke bucket while 7 tried to call the 24 hour nurse line for our insurance. For some reason it was busy for over an hour and a half. I finally decided to go try lying down again, only to find the sensation increased tenfold when I closed my eyes. After stumbling to the bathroom in a great hurry, I went back downstairs. We eventually got through to the nurse who instructed us to go on over to the emergency room.

Once I was back in the ER they told me to go ahead and lay down since it was going to be like an hour before I was seen due to a shift change. Since lying down was the last thing I wanted to do I just sat there and stared at the walls. Eventually I got an IV put in and the doctor saw me and diagnosed me in about 2 seconds. I told him what I was feeling and he goes, "You have vertigo. Don't worry. I know it's a terrifying feeling, but you aren't going to die." I was really feeling more like puking than dying at the moment so I had to giggle. Either way, they gave me some meds that made my hands and feet feel funny and made me talk like I was majorly drunk. I had to keep clenching my fingers and toes to stop the sensation and it made me look like I was a drug addict or something, twitching and slurring all over the place. I was still having trouble with my balance too. Walking to the bathroom was an ordeal. The poor little nurse was worried I was going to keel over and insisted I get in the wheelchair when I came out.

The day after we went down to LA to see Callie and her sorority compete in the annual Greek Week Lip Synch competition at ULV. I had noticed shortly before we left Bakersfield that my left arm where they had put the IV was a little sore. As the day progressed, I noticed more pain and some red lines creeping up my arm where the vein is. By about 10 p.m. I was having trouble holding things with my hand and my arm was sore three-quarters of the way to my elbow. After dinner we called the 24 hour nurse line again and I was told I was "astute" to have noticed the stinging pain, soreness and junkie-like trackmarks decorating my arm. Sheesh, makes you wonder about the nurses they employ to answer the phones there. So we hurried back to Bakoville and to the ER again. They took a quick look at it and gave me some antibiotics. I saw the nurse who had put my in my IV in the first place working on the patient in the bed behind me. My new nurse asked where I had gotten the IV done. From behind me came a little voice saying, "I did it." The new nurse didn't hear, so I told here I had come to this ER for it. "Who put it in?" the new nurse asked. "I DID!"said the voice behind me much louder this time, "But Gracie had her after I did. She must have screwed it up."

So long story short I'm feeling much better. I've only got a little bit of tenderness left in my arm and random minor bouts of dizziness. Both should be gone soon. Thanks for asking.


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