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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Dream Alert: Weirdness to follow

So the other night I had a doozy of a dream. I was living in a deserted department store for some reason and was scrounging around finding clothes and stuff that could be useful. So far I had found some crazy looking sparkly, sequined, mismatched junk to wear and was lamenting the fact that I was all alone and didn't know what had happened to my family. As I was walking through yet another empty storeroom I heard a familiar cough and realized my dad was sleeping under the floor somewhere. I start looking around trying to find a way to get down there when a woman comes around the corner and spies me. In a flash I whip out a Bic pen and throw it at her, lodging it in her throat, killing her. I realize that she is a Raelian and that I have to hide because they have taken over the planet and they are hunting down everyone who isn't a Raelian. I happen to look out a window and see one of the government's top secret planes get blown to bits by a giant alien ship.

Now I'm scared out of my wits and trying to figure out where to hide when a whole gaggle of Raelians come in and capture me. They take me to their leader who looks like a cross between Robert Smith from The Cure and Syndrome, the bad guy from The Incredibles. He's got the black eye makeup and lipstick, but has hair like Syndrome, all standing up and crazy. As I'm being dragged in I notice that he is dressed a lot like me. I also notice that he's acting like a nutcase and decide that my best bet would be to do the same. He takes a liking to me and my wardrobe of sparkly crap and mismatched shoes and the variety of nervous tics I'm throwing out there. So I end up spending the rest of my dream trying to avoid becoming his celestial mate and ending up in his bed. I woke up just as I was entering a ceremonial hall dressed in a grass skirt, a lady bug ski cap with ear flaps, black eye makeup and Doc Martens that look like a bedazzler threw up on them. This was some sort of joining ceremony where Senor Crazy and I were going to get hitched, finish obliterating the human race and join up with the alien forces hovering above. Oh Yeah.


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