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Monday, December 06, 2004

Ollie Says....

I've been trying to keep track of all the funny things the kids have been saying and doing lately so I could post them on here for everyone to enjoy. Here's what Oliver has been up to.

Explaining things: Oliver will ask if you know about something and then launch into an explanation. He asked the grocery checker the other day if she knew about Santa Claus. He told her "he's kinda like a robot, but not, and he has robot deer. And Godzilla is kinda like a robot too, but he's like a creepy monster. But he doesn't have presents."

He's a little obsessed with Godzilla. "Godzilla is a guy in a suit, but he's kinda like a creepy monster, but he's not. He goes (insert weird maximum volume noises). Yeah, kinda like that."

He has discovered that girls don't have penises. He will start listing every male he knows, "I have a penis. Daddy has a penis. Papa has a penis. Jared has a penis. Charlie doesn't have a penis. Mommy, you don't have a penis do you?" "No Oliver, I'm a girl too." "Oh, I thought so. Uncle Chris has a penis...."

Cute mess-ups: Oliver's favorite soda is Coca Lola, favorite candies are Mnem-m-nems, and he loves to look for hairplanes up in the sky. When singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star he sings a line as "bubba bubba world so high, like a diamond in the sky." His ending of the ABC song is the best. "Now I know my ABC's, next time you won't play with me."

Creates silly songs: Today he debuted his newest original song about Godzilla. He sings, "Godzilla is a creepy monster, but not. He's a guy in a suit. He is a friend with Spiderman. They swing on webs. " He tells about them having a fight then ends the song by singing Godzilla about five times in different pitches and at different volumes. It's very cute.

He also made one up about Spiderman that goes more or less to the Spiderman theme song. "Spiderman, Spiderman. He swings on everything, except spiderwebs. Spiderman webs."

Working on his manners: When we were having Thanksgiving dinner with all my family, Oliver burped very loudly. When my aunt asked him, "What do you say?", he looked around and said, "Nice Room."

Random outbursts and observations:
We were talking to my mom on the phone and I asked the kids, "Who wants to go to Gandma's house?" Being in a bit of a grumpy mood, Oliver shot back, "Charlie do!"

While observing his friend Logan going potty,"Logan, did you bring your big penis today? I have a little penis."

His potty training has taken a turn for the better lately. He asked to go several times in a row the past few days and has been very proud of himself for it. He called my mom to tell her the good news and kept repeating about the "big long poop I made." Later he went into the bathroom for something and I heard him mutter, "It really stinks in here."

I will post more as I think of them and as they happen.


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