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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Oliver's birthday is on Saturday. He'll be three and he is so excited. My mom taught him to hold up his fingers to show how old he is, but he keeps telling people he's 24 . I have no clue where he got that. My little boy is getting to be such a big guy. He's bigger than his four-year-old friend Logan and talks like a kindergartener. We're still struggling with getting him potty trained so he can go to daycare. I think he'd really love it once he got there and got to play with all the kids. My biggest worry is that he'd get picked on since he's a big kid but is still young. He doesn't listen all that well either so it can be frustrating for adults when they have to tell him things a bunch of times in a row.

Anyways, his birthday party is going to be Superhero themed. He's really been into these little superhero guys we were getting from Jack in the Box in the kids meals and plays with them all the time. He has been getting more and more creative with his imaginative play and is constantly telling me he is my hero. Anytime I ask him to do anything for me he announces, "I'm your hero!" before he goes to do it. It's helpful as far as getting him to do things, but it gets us some funny looks from other people. His Grandma is a little worried about him pretending to battle with Godzilla but it's all just an offshoot of this hero stuff.

Ok, I've got to go brave the party supply store and buy overpriced junk for the party on Sunday. I keep trying to come up with alternative ideas for stuff to give out, but the party bag full of little doodads seems to work best. I've got to find a pinata too. I'm procrastinating... gotta go.


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