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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Diet update

Once the reunion was over and done with I breathed a huge sigh of relief... which was followed by a huge inhalation of cookies, ice cream and fast food cheeseburgers and fries. I managed to put 10 pounds back on in the 20 odd days since the reunion. So I'm going back on my diet and returning to the pool once more. I really liked fitting in my new jeans and hope to make them fit nicely again, and then have them become too big for me. I'm shooting for getting down about another 50- 70 lbs. I'm hoping to add a gym membership to my regimen once I get back to work this fall and we have some extra money.

I went to the doctor today to have my right knee checked out. I was shopping over at Kmart recently and slipped on a puddle of something and ended up doing a modified version of the splits and landing on my knee. I didn't really think I was injured too badly so I didn't bother to tell them I fell. I just told them they had a spill. A few days later the knee is hurting more and more and I can't kneel on it and I'm living in dread of the kids bumping it or something. Any kind of contact makes me grit my teeth and want to cry. So I went in and they took some x-rays, but I won't know anything until next week. The doctor told me to stay off it and offered to write me an excuse for work. I told her I was a stay at home mom and she offered again, adding that she didn't know if my husband would go for it though. I'm also not supposed to chase the kids around. Yeah right. It's pretty much pain free if I don't bump it or kneel or jar it in any way. If I do any of those it feels like someone is jabbing me with red hot pokers and it makes me want to cry.

Ok, poor 7 is having trouble sleeping since I'm writing this while sitting in bed and have the big light on. I should give him break since I want him to help me tomorrow in the monumental clean up we have to do around here. A friend of ours is coming up for a visit this week from LA. YEAH!


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