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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Sitting at home of Friday night by myself...

Once again 7 is out of town. I don't mind the fact that he has to go out of town, I mind when something extends the trip unexpectedly. He was supposed to be coming home to me this afternoon but something came up and I won't see him till tomorrow sometime. We had planned to go over to storage again to get more stuff ready for the yard sale the 17th. We made a pretty good dent in it last week when we went. I'll just be happy to get the storage unit cleared out and get our stuff in a much smaller and cheaper unit.

So 7 thinks my blog would be more interesting if I did it like his and picked a topic and expressed my opinion. This came after a conversation where I said I think my blog is boring and can't figure out why anyone would want to read it. I thought about changing my format but then realized, I don't have any opinions worth expressing on any good topics. I have a lot to say about the public use of bad grammar, people who litter, typos, rowdy kids at the McDonald's indoor playground, snot, and my retarded body issues, but I don't know how much anyone would want to read. I mean, I could rant about the fact that I'm a college educated woman with no marketable skills. I went to an employment agency once and they laughed at me after they looked at my typing test results. I can type quickly but do tend to make a lot of mistakes as I have trouble not looking at the keyboard. I always go back and fix them, but the way the typing test is set up once you move past a word, you can't fix it. So whatever.


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