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Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Sleeper has awakened....

The kids are taking their afternoon nap so I have a chance to blog. I was trying to blog the other night, but kept having problems. I think I figured out part of the problem. I was using the laptop on my lap and had it sitting on a pillow. I should have noticed something was up when my wrists began to burn where they were touching the keyboard. I attribute the freeze ups to the fact that I was overheating the poor thing. I'm sure 7 will love reading that.

So I've had no underwear for the past 2 days. Somehow in the course of doing the household laundry, I managed to forget to wash anything of my own. I try to make 7's work clothes and the kids' stuff first priority, followed by towels and bedding, with my own clothes bringing up the rear. Speaking of rears, I don't want anyone to think I was running around with no chonies on. I wore my swimsuit bottoms yesterday and this morning while I waited for my laundry to get done. I mean, if you really want to think of my naked butt, you can, I won't stop you. But you should get some professional help.

I took Charlie to the doctor yesterday. I really don't like her pediatrician very much. For one thing, she can't seem to remember that Charlie is a girl. She is sitting there reading the chart and keeps calling her "he" even though I keep saying "she". I'd finally had enough and said, "She is a girl. Just so you know." This woman is so annoying. She doesn't answer half of the questions I ask her and seems to be baffled by the simplest things. I asked about Charlie's belly button again (she has a pretty prominent outtie due to an umbilical hernia) and said it fills with liquid when she is particularly active. She looked very confused and says, "Fluid? Where?" Well, I thought we had covered that already when I said it the first time. She was similarly confounded by a little rough spot on the baby's back. She asked me if it itched, then looked at a red spot on Charlie's back where I had been holding her and decided the two were the same thing. When I insisted they weren't, she told me to lotion it. Great medical advice, no? So I'm thinking we're going to change doctors. The office is about a half an hour away too and I'm not fond of having to wake the kids up really early to make a 9:00 appointment out there.

7 is coming home tonight. I'm very happy about that. We've had to spend so much time apart lately that it feels like it did when he was living down in LA and I was up in Bakoville with the kids. At least we get a 3 day weekend together thanks to the 4th of July. I know 7 is going to want to sit and relax but I'm going to make him work. We've got a few important home improvement projects to do. We've got to get the shelf up in the kitchen, the cabinets in the bathroom and the new faucet installed in the kitchen sink. I am going nuts trying to rinse the dishes when the space between the sink middle and the faucet are about 4 inches apart. I keep getting things squashed against the faucet and then spraying water all over myself and the kitchen. If you knew me really well, you'd know that I have a strange quirk about getting wet. I really hate the sensation of being squirted, splashed, or sprinkled on if I am not either in the shower or swimming. It just makes me crazy. So for me to have this happen on a regular basis just because I have a retarded faucet is too much. We also need to get over to our storage unit and get the stuff pulled out that we are going to sell. We need to get a much smaller unit for the things we are going to keep and paying $100 a month for a lot of empty space is silly.

Anyways, back to 7 coming home. He won't be getting back till later tonight so I'm not going to worry about making him a fancy dinner or anything. Oh hell, who am I kidding. Any time I cook it's a big event. I am going to give him a really great surprise though. Sleeping kids who aren't in our bed. He gets to come home and sleep in a bed not littered with kicking, wiggling, crying, headbutting toddlers. And who knows, I might even get to snuggle with him before one of them wake up!

Speaking of waking up... I hear the thump thump of Ollie's not so little feet upstairs. Time to go back to being Mommy.


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