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Thursday, May 13, 2004

I'm back! I have been gone a while, I know. We don't have the computer set up in the apartment yet so I haven't really had a chance to blog. 7 brought home a laptop from work so I'm putting it to good use tonight.

I must make an apology to 7 for my last blog. I apparently misunderstood his meaning. So, sorry honey.

So we're all moved in, well, more so than we were in LA. I've got most of our stuff out of boxes and we're slowly buying the things we need to finish up the place. We got a kitchen table the other day. It really kicks butt. We bought it over at the resturant supply store and it's all stainless steel. Great for cooking prep since we are short on counterspace.

Overall I am happy about it. It's good to be on our own again. We've noticed that I am much easier to live with now. I'm not always worried about what Mom and Dad will think of anything we do or say, you know? We can be adults again!! Yeah!

So my reunion is coming up really soon. I'm begining to get a little nervous about it since I haven't lost enough weight yet. I've got a certain goal and I've come up a little short. I've been a bad bad girl lately about sticking to my diet. There is just so much stuff I wanna eat! I put myself back on the induction phase a few days ago and am trying to get some exercise each day. It's hard to be good when you're lazy.

Boy this is a boring blog. Sorry! I usually write when I have something to say. Nothing good is coming to mind today.


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