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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Lo and behold... A new post!!!

Ok, so stuff that's happened since I last blogged.... um, not much really. I've yet to bleach my hair again. It's about half dark now since it began growing at light speed for some reason after I bleached it the first time back in November. I kind of ran out of money in the hair reconstruction fund. I need to rebleach it and pick a color. I had the stylist put in some pink glue stuff last time I got it cut and I rather liked it. I think it'll look much better once I get it bleached all the way out.

Kids are doing well. Charlie had the stomach flu and puked on me several times in a row one night. She managed to hold it in till we had gotten her washed and redressed and I had put on a new shirt... then she let fly. It was pretty gross, but not as bad as I had imagined. I ended up sick enough to go to the urgent care the next day. I don't usually go to the doctor but I was to the point that I wanted someone to kill me rather than have another bout of dry heaves. I figured that they would maybe bump me up on the priority list in the waiting room since I kept running into the bathroom to puke, but I was there for almost 2 hours. The doctor ended up giving me two Tylenol and a saline IV. I was really embarrassed when I felt better almost immediately.

Living with my folks is a bit sketchy still. We're butting heads about all kinds of stupid things. My mom refuses to talk to 7 about things that bug her and has be deliver messages to him. That puts me in a weird position since everyone wants to kill the messenger these days. I hate being in the middle, but have no choice in the matter if I want my folks and husband to get along. We're working on getting out of there as soon as possible.

7 has his social security card and will soon have his ID card too. All his DMV crap is almost cleared up too. It's mostly a matter of getting the money together to pay all the assorted fees and for gas to get to LA and back. I have to keep getting on 7 to get this stuff done. Lately Pokemon have been taking up a lot of his time. I feel like smashing the stinking gameboy into about a thousand pieces.

My sister is leaving for Brazil tomorrow for about 3 weeks. I hope everything goes well there and she doesn't get mugged or eaten by piranhas. She's got about $2,300 worth of camera equipment on her. She's using the trip for her senior project for her broadcasting degree. 7 and my dad went a little nuts getting all this great equipment online for her. I'd find them in the computer room at night in ecstasy over some new digital camera they found for like $5 less than on the last site. It was pretty funny.

Ok, well I've got to get these babies in bed now. My folks are down south to see my sister off at the airport so I've got a chance at some alone time with my hubby... something that is extremely rare these days. I just hope he doesn't find some infomercial or something that catches his attention till 4 a.m. again. I'm going to start calling the tv his girlfriend. Till next time.....


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