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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?...

Ok, so I went to a job fair today for the Bakersfield City School District. Pretty much everyone shows up and then you get interviewed by some random person who works for the district. I am phenomenally bad when it comes to interviews. I usually get so nervous that I start this weird full body shivering and yawning, sweaty palms, elephants in my stomach... you know, the regular people-phobe type things. I have trouble thinking of what to say too. Once in an interview to be an Area Coordinator at my college, I blurted out that I don't like people. I was serious, but they thought I was joking and hired me anyways.

We had to take a class as part of our public assistance thing. Kind of a "How to get your lazy no good ass off welfare by finding a job" type thing. They had us make a resume, practice dressing professionally, and do a mock interview. I did pretty well during it, but mostly because I pretended I wasn't me. I was amazed at how well that can work if you can make yourself really believe it. So today I tried the same thing. I pretended I was a confidant, outgoing person with interesting things to say and I did wonderfully in my interview. The woman actually said at one point that she could feel my sincerity. WooHoo!! I'm going to pretend I'm better at a lot of things if it's that easy.

Hopefully I will stick out in her mind and get a full time position with the district. I am trying to get all my paperwork done so that I can sub for the rest of the school year. I've only got a few months left, but a paycheck is a paycheck. 7's going to be making pretty good money, but we've got quite a few nasty things on our credit that I'd like to get cleaned up. I also am behind on my student loans and such and am tired of telling the people that I don't know when I'll have money.

Last night as I was getting ready for the job fair I pulled out the resume they had us make in our welfare class. I wrote it all down and then they sent it to their career help center to have it typed up. I was glancing at it last night to see if there was anything I wanted to incorporate into my real resume that 7 was making for me when I found a typo. Being the punctuation and grammar Nazi I am, I began to read it looking for more errors. I about died laughing when under an entry marked Self Employed Homemaker it said that I had assisted with minor surgeries, taken vital signs, kept medical charts, and other such stuff. I must have had an illegal clinic set up in my apartment and not even known it. I swear, these people expect you to get a job, and then they go and screw up your resume like that. I'm really glad I didn't bother to give it to anyone. I think I'll send in a copy to our class instructor and show them the quality of work their people are putting out.

Now I'm just beginning to ramble. I'll shut up now.


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