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Saturday, February 14, 2004

All things must come to an end...

So I changed the description of my blog. 7 thought it should be something else since I really don't talk exclusively about the kids, thus the spit soaked mommy line didn't make sense.... or something like that. I may begin a blog about the kids and their adventures pretty soon under some other name. I have yet to pick something snappy as the title. Watch for an update.

It's Valentine's Day... a day devoted to lovers everywhere. I used to hate the day, and am still somewhat resistant to the pink sugar coated lovey doveyness of it all. 7 loves it all. I've slowly started looking forward to it each year a little more because I have someone who suprises me each year with a totally unexpected gesture. A few years in a row he sent me flowers from Texas, one year he flew out to see me. This year as I woke up and shifted a groggy toddler off of me, a card fell off the headboard and stabbed me in the forehead. It woke me up, but apparently also turned my head on to the spirit of the day. I've been happy and for some reason my husband looks really good to me today. I can't wait till the kids are asleep and we get to be alone. I've already been groping him all day and he hasn't told me to quit it yet... which is always a good sign.

Things around here have been a little more tense than usual. We're looking for an apartment so the kids have been staying home with my folks for a few hours during the day. That always causes trouble as they get tired from chasing the kids, my mom is stressed by us living here and so far I've brought home no good news about when we will be out of her spare room.

Almost all of the rental places here want you to have lived here and had the same job for 3 months, make 3 times the amount of the rent, and have great credit. Ok, well, we just moved here, have no jobs and shit credit. Where the hell are we and people like us, of whom there are plenty in Bakersfield, supposed to live??? It's making me nuts. We saw a place today that made me ache I wanted to live there so bad. But of course, we'd never get it in a million years. So I guess we'll have to search until we find someone who takes pity on us and lets us live in their shack until we get working again and get some money saved up for a better place.

THe kids are doing great. Charlie Girl has started going in little 3 step bursts. She can go like crazy if she has something to push in front of her. She really cruises through the house that way. Oliver has had an obsession with sticking his fingers in people's eyes, ears, noses... etc. lately. He's making everyone nutty. Especially Charlie. She crawls away from him as fast as she can go when he gets close. It's not all bad though. He can make her laugh like crazy and most of the time plays very nicely with her. He really keeps her entertained in the car and I can't say how much that helps me.

Ah well, I smell that dinner is almost ready and the noise level is rising out in the front room. I should go. Oh, by the way. We are starting Atkins on Monday... I know, way over done, but my high school reunion is coming up at the end of July and I need to drop some weight fast. I think I should at least be at the same level of fatness I was when I left 10 years ago, if not slimmer. I'd like to be considerably slimmer so I'm going to make sure to get my exercise going too. Wish me luck!!


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