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Friday, January 30, 2004

Hair Update
I've gone back to dark brown. I felt that right now I needed to be more sensible since I'll be looking for work again soon. I also needed another haircut and still hadn't bought more bleach and the do was lookin kind of weird. I had a box of dark color left over so I just threw that on my head.

Ok, ok.. I admit I had an ulterior motive. We were going to be going to a babyshower for the wife of a guy I had a crush on my whole childhood and into high school. Being the dork that I am, I panicked and made a rash decision based on the fact that I wanted to look good for someone I hadn't seen in over 10 years. Never mind the fact that David is married with a baby on the way... it was all about me. So anyways, me and my dark hair went to the shower and had a really great time. His wife is really cool and I'd even be friends with her if the chance arose. Not likely seeing as they live out at the country club and we live with my folks and beg for money... heehee. I also decided that my husband was way hotter than David turned out to be. When I told 7 that he looked at me as if I were nuts. "Yeah honey, I was really worried about that," he said with extreme sarcasm. Well, sorry I just happen to be sooo much better than all your ex girlfriends that there is just no comparison. Anyways!


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