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Friday, July 23, 2004

Ok... Friday night, kids are asleep, and what are we doing? We've each got a computer on our lap and are bored to tears. I'm reading other people's blogs and 7 is playing mp3's of Liberace and the disco version of the Star Wars Theme. We need serious help.

I think I broke my foot. A few weeks ago the kids kept falling on my foot while it was lying sideways on the floor. Each time it would make this awful cracking noise and I'd screech and boot the lead filled little one off. So now it is just sore all the time and occasionally makes me want to cry. 7 thinks I have a hairline fracture in my instep and that I should go to see the doctor. I feel like a schmuck because I just had an ultrasound on my left boob this week to check out a lump where Oliver fell on me with his elbow. I feel stupid going to the doctor saying that my children caused me major injuries. I can't help it that my 2 yr. old weighs 38 lbs. He's a big tall hefty boy. He's also very prone to tripping and falling on mommy. Charlie likes to headbutt me and has busted my lip more times than I can count. So I guess I'll wait and see if my foot gets any better or if it turns black and falls off. And hey, I can always drink to dull the pain.


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