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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Who needs sleep?...

So the past two weeks or so have been one long period of insomnia and crazed activity. We had to plan and execute Oliver's birthday party, go to two other birthday parties and one sorority picnic in Southern California, and I am now providing day care for the daughter of a friend. During all of this I have been operating with a bare minimum of sleep. For some reason, as soon as I go to lie down at night, my brain shifts into high gear and won't calm down. If I were thinking about the things I had to do the next day or whatever I wouldn't mind so much. But no, my brain is spinning out all kinds of flotsom and jetsom that has no connections at all. One night I was in that semi-sleep state were you have really crazy thoughts and my mind decided to create some unusual party games for Oliver's party. One involved me poking the kids with sticks and the other had the kids reaching into a pinata for aluminum foil covered toothpicks which kept jabbing into their little arms. In both scenarios I resurfaced to reality scared that no one was going to come to the party and that everyone was mad at me for playing such terrible games with their babies.

I've tried sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed, a trick that used to work when I was a kid. It doesn't work as well now, mostly due to getting kicked by my bed hog hubby, who for some demented reason, thinks he can put his feet anywhere he wants to just because he's taller than me. My friend Maria sent over some chamomile tea for me to try drinking before bed, but I never think of it until I am already lying there unable to sleep, yet unwilling to get up again. I partook of a little herbal remedy the other night which worked really well, however, getting stoned every night isn't a realistic option for me.

Ah well, the time has come once again to try sleeping. I think I may have success tonight as my day was a long one. I took all three kids to Target and the grocery store. A marathon outing, as anyone with experience with kids under 4 knows. I had the girls in the basket and Oliver on a leash attached to the basket. Boy did we get some stares, but not once did Oliver manage to get lost. Anyways, it wore me out. Ok... good night.


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