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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Weirdo go home

Just in case you were wondering, Oliver's party went really well. I managed to get enough super hero capes made for the kids who attended and, after a small snafu with the spray paint, we managed to get their initials on them as well. Everyone seemed to think they were really neat. We have developed a theory though. At our party and our friends' party the following weekend at the same park, our kids attracted weirdos. At Oliver's party it was some old drunk Latino guy. He came up and was watching the kids playing, then kissed Danica, one of our 17-month-olds. I didn't see it happen, but everyone else who did was under the impression that he was somehow connected to our party, like someone's grandpa or something. He then continued to lurk around and watch the kids until, after clearing up that he was not a part of our group, the dads of a few of the kids chased him off. For the rest of the time we were there he continued to lurk about, just keeping more distance. Last we saw of him he had fallen asleep behind a trashcan.

The following weekend at Logan's birthday party we had another older latino fella watching our kids and hanging around near our table. This time he came over during the pinata bashing and just stood there for about 10 minutes. Gabe finally offered him a tootsie roll, hoping he would go away. He instead grabbed about five more pieces of candy off the ground and then tried helping the kids put some in their bags. After our previous experience we were all quick to shoo him away, at which point he went to a table recently vacated by a family and drank the partial sodas left there and rummaged through all the surrounding trash cans. We made sure he kept is distance from our kids, but left him some pizza on the table when we left.

I know our kids are cute and all, but geez. The weirdos really need to leave them alone.


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