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Monday, December 06, 2004

Everything you wanted to know about Halloween, but were afraid to ask

I realized I hadn't told y'all about how our Halloween went. I'd hate to skip it, especially since it is one of my favorite holidays. 7 and I were invited to a party the night before Halloween at the house of a fella 7 worked with. It was mainly people standing around out in te backyard, freezing their asses off, drinking beer and ogling the abundant flesh revealed by the super skimpy girl costumes. I went as a pink haired witch and 7, going with my suggestion, went as a hula girl. He wore a grass skirt I had made a few years ago, the coconut bra my sister brought me from Hawaii, flower leis, bracelets, and anklets, and a horrible long black wig. He looked like the giant, sweaty, hairy hula girl from hell. And of course, everyone loved it. He had guys trying to cop a feel and the girls all admired the size of his coconuts. Watching everyone else react to his costume made freezing worthwhile. That and the oh-so-cute fellas dressed up as party boy Chippendale dancers. Yum.

We took the kids for their first trick or treat outing. We practiced with Ollie in the days leading up to Halloween so he would know what to do and what to expect. Even with that, he was going around chanting "Trick or treat, smell my feet, I got the goodies". He was dressed as Spiderman and insisted on wearing the mask even though it had teensy eyeholes, no visibility, and caused him trouble with his hearing. The poor guy was tripping all over the place, falling into bushes and going in the wrong direction when we would call him. After stumbling around blindly for about 3 houses, he decided to go ahead and take it off.

He also didn't quite get what he was supposed to do once the excitement of being out got to him. We had our friends with us who have a 4 yr. old named Logan and their daughter Danica, who is Charlie's age. Logan and Ollie would go up to the house, knock on the door and yell "Trick or Treat." Then when the people would open the door, they would just stare at them blankly. When we tried to prompt them from the shadows by hissing, "What do you say?", Oliver went, "Got any candy?" and tried to walk into the house. Sheesh!

Charlie was dressed up as the cutest no name thing ever. We had bought the kids these adorable chinese outfits at the mall a few months ago, and had the kids wearing them while we were out shopping the day before Halloween. While at the costume store trying to pick a costume for Charlie, she found a fuzzy pink top hat that perfectly matched her outfit. It looked so adorable that we bought her a matching pink feather boa and she went as the pink, silky, fuzzy hatted, feathery glam thing with no name. It only took her about 3 houses to realize what we were doing. After that she grabbed her candy bag out of my hand and was running to keep up with the boys and fighting to be the first one to get candy. Whenever anyone would even ask her if she wanted help carrying her bag she's have a spoiled little princess screaming fit. Lately she has taken to waking me up in the mornings by smashing me in the head with her candy bag and insisting we "EAT NANDY!"

I can't wait till next year!!



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