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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Call me Pinky.

So I finally did it. I went ahead and bleached my hair and dyed it pink. I did it for Halloween and then decided I really liked it. We have been trying different products to find one that give a great color and will last for a while. I have been leaving pink all over everything for the past week since the colors we have tried so far are only semi-permanent. I talked to a few hairdressers to find out what I need to do to keep in the color and 7 and I will be redoing my hair this week according to what they told us. If you'd like to see what it looks like currently, go to 7's website (www.sevenbates.com) There is a picture there from the day after Thanksgiving. Please don't notice how fat I look. It's like my head swelled up or something. I've been good for the last week, drinking my slimfast shakes for breakfast, trying to get back on track and lose some weight before Christmas. I really have been horrible since my reunion. So be kind.


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