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Monday, May 09, 2005

Conversations With Oliver (Part 2)

Scene- Eating ice cream one night. K sees Oliver getting brainfreeze.
K: How ya doin' there Ollie? Ice cream too cold?
O: I want you to blow it so it can be warm.
(Kayla and 7 about die laughing)

Scene- Oliver is holding a little bowl.
O- What's in there?
K- Take a look.

Scene- Putting on Oliver's new cowboy boots.
O: I can't get this boot on my foot. You need to help me.
K: Do you want me to put it on?
O: No, I'm going to do it. Push up my pant sleeves for me.

Scene- Standing over me one morning on my bed.
O: (Flexing his muscles) That's what guys do. That's what big guys do. They have strong muscles. But I don't have any muscles! (pouting)

Scene- Later the same morning.
K: So did you dream?
O: I dreamed of Spiderman and Darth Vader.
K: What did they do in your dream?
O: Darth Vader gave me a bouncy thing. It's called a frog thing. He's from Star Wars. Do You remember Star Wars, and R2, and 3PO, and Luke Skywalker, and Chewie?
K: Yes, I remember.
O: I fought Darth Vader when I was Spiderman, in my Spiderman costume, and he said,"Nooooo!" And I said," What? Cat got your tongue?" and he said,"No!" and then he just hanged there and talked to me.

Scene- Driving in our car to LA.
O: I was thinking.
K: What were you thinking about?
O: I was thinking... What do you think about juicy pops? I think they are juicy. Juicy, juicy like juice. Like juicy pops.

Scene- Still driving in the car in LA
O: (out of the blue) We're secret agents guys.
7: Oh really?
O: This is our secret agent car... Because we're secret agents.


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