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Friday, May 20, 2005

I woke up this morning... you were on my mind...

Recently I have found nothing more intimidating than this little bit of blank screen here. I have been trying for days to come up with something to write about, never quite being able to convince myself to just up and do it. You see, I think about you, the reader, and what it is that you would like to read here. I know my site will never be as witty as 7's, where many of you come from. I have to deal with that in our everyday life too. 7 is always the big loud witty center of attention. I'm the half-terrified, hiding in a corner social retard who throws out the occasional quiet zinger.

So when it comes to picking topics to write about I have a very hard time. Generally I write about the kids. Everyone likes stories about kids, right? We have great kids. I like to tell people what they are doing or saying at present. Kind of makes up for my lack of keeping a current baby book. I can refer to this when my kids ask how old they were when they were first talking or something.

Occasionally I will make a very PG statement about my sex life or lust for my husband. I just don't feel right blogging about sex in the same place I talk about my kids. Although, without it, I wouldn't have the kids. I also censor myself since this is connected to 7's blog and I don't want people who know him professionally or something to be reading about his awesome oral skills or anything. Ya know?

"So why don't you write about yourself?" you ask. Well, I've never really found myself very interesting. So attempting to pick through my daily activities to come up with something to write about is just an exercise in futility. I've also noticed a general decline in my writing the longer I stay home with the kids. I have such limited contact with new people that I am just going dull. Arrgh.

This is my dilemma. I am trying to come up with something neat for you guys, and when I reject all my own ideas, end up writing nothing, and thus fail in my original goal. So when you come and see the same old blog sitting there day after day, remember that it's due to my trying to put out a quality blog and working with very little material. It's all for you.


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