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Monday, August 28, 2006

ust call me Mom
Current mood: okay So, not only am I old now, I am turning into a total suburban mom. I went to Sam's Club today and got a membership. I was commenting the other day about how I needed a minivan. And I got new flippy little hairdo last week at the mall. HELP ME!!

I've never been cool, hip or happening. I've always just been me. Usually a me that didn't have any clue who I was... well come to think of it, I still don't. Not completely anyway.

I have decided I am a good mom and a great wife and friend. I have a good work ethic and am honest. I try to do my small part to preserve our environment and help make this world a better place. Good grammar, good manners, cleanliness, accepting and welcoming responsibility and being nice are very important to me.

My children are my favorite thing in the world. I adore getting to be silly and goofy with them. Second favorite would have to be music that makes me happy and fills me with that feeling like I am a ballon reaching its bursting point. My husband falls in there somewhere too, but he's in a completely seperate and special category. (Short bus special... heehee. Just kidding.)

Money is very important. They say it can't buy you love or happiness, but love and happiness are much easier to maintain with a nice soft cushion of cash to pad the rough spots. Now I just have to figure out how to get my hands on some of it. I have a good feeling though about our current situation. I think we are entering a period of good things. The current of good karma should be just about ready to flow my way again, considering all the warm fuzzies and such I have been providing others here this past year. Hmm, did I just say karma owed me? Geez, hope that doesn't screw it up.

I suppose I should retitle this one "Rant about domestication and Random Declaration of Things". I never really know how these things are going to turn out. I will start trying to write, ususally on some topic as I find that easier, and get totally turned around to something else. My mind works in weird loop-de-loops and it can be seen in my writing, hence the nickname Random Girl. I clean house the same way. I'll start in the kitchen washing dishes, step on a toy and pick it up to go throw it on the stairs. As I am walking I'll notice an empty water bottle, put the toy down, pick up the bottle and go to the back yard to put it in the recycling bin and end up cleaning my patio. Then the kids will ask for food, so I go back in the kitchen, but realize my shirt has dirt on it, and not wanting to get dirt in the food, will head for the stairs to go change. I'll spy the toy I put down earlier, take it to the kids' room, notice it's a mess and begin cleaning. The kids will remind me they wanted food, so I'll go back to the kitchen, stopping to put in a load of laundry gathered from their room on my way there, remember my shirt is dirty, throw it in the wash and proceed to the kitchen. That's when I remember I was washing the dishes hours ago so I could make them lunch.

Blah blah blah... witty ending. I'm here till Thursday. Try the veal!


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