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Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

Current mood: still drunk!!

OK, that was supposed to say go to Big Lots.... not bog lots. heeheeheeheeheheehehehehehe SHoot, I wish someone were here to goof off with!!!!

Partay on Monday night
Current mood: drunk

SO I'm home alone and drunk off my ass on a monday night. Hubby is living in the OC, kids are at my mom's for the night. I was gonna have a little drink and go to bed. I accidentally had a lot of drink and got a lot drunk and am chatting with people all over the country and now blogging. I am drunk off my ass. I am scared to go close the laundry room for fear I'll fall down in front of the residents. I haven't been this drunk in forever!! Shit, everyone run over to Bog Lots and get you some of that bucket o' drink mix for $4.50. It's awesome. The end, before I embarrass myself.


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