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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ok folks, here it is! The Official "What Kayla Wants for Christmas" List. I know, I know, I usually don't ask for anything, but this year it's different. I finally got a little of that gimme gimme Christmas greed in me. So to help all of my fans and admirers buy me something I will actually like, I put together this little list.

1. Pajamas: I got some really awesome Fashion Bug jammies last year for my birthday. They are just made of regular old t-shirt material, but are super cute and girly. They are pink, with little white polka dots and a stylized black cat on them. The pants have the banded bottoms, like thermals and the top is just basically a long sleeve t-shirt.

2. A new pair of Converse high tops. The pair I have were bought for me by 7 when we were dating. I have red, I'd like a pair with like pink and black or a lime green pair. That'd be awesome.

3. Jimmy Dean Sausage sandwiches. You know, the type that you get from catering trucks. They have them at Sam's Club.

4. A gym membership at the local 24 hour fitness. I am tried of being a fat girl. I wanna be a chunky girl with muscles and my waist back. Two C-sections and an ovarian cyst removal surgery have left my stomach muscles a mess. I want to be able to run around with my kids.

5. The Muppet Show on DVD.

6. Dove dark chocolate Promises. My one candy vice. I eat them one a day until they are gone, letting them melt and trying my best to not bite them.

7. A box of Bic Click Stix pens. I love those damn things.

8. The diamond from my engagement ring placed in a new, non-slashing, non-wiggly setting.

9. Sterling silver hoop earrings for everyday wear. I have sensitive ears so they have to be sterling silver.

10. Sterling silver earrings for fancy wear.

New Addition: 11. A full size electric blanket. That way I can be warm when 7 has the windows open and the fans running in the dead of winter without having to use 5 blankets.

12. A dust buster! Those things are awesome!

This list may keep growing if I find anything else that piques my interest. Remember to get your gifts in the mail early so I'm not dissapointed come Christmas morning!


  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger jagular said…

    Ya know, I just totally realized what an awesome and cool person you are and what a good job 7 did in marrying you when you said piques instead of peaks.
    If you and 7 ever split up, I'm gonna totally mess with him over losing you for the rest of his life.

    And now for the list comments:
    1&2: You really would have to tell what size. It's totally impossible to buy clothing for a woman unless they tell you what size. They teach that in man-school.

    3:is that a california thing? I've never seen them b4

    4.Again, please see the above comments about man-school. You don't buy women any gym memberships or diet pills if you value your life.

    5.The show or the movie?

    6.I can even melt m&m's in my mouth until gone without crunching. That's cool

    7.Oh hell yeah. Clicky pens and bubble wrap.



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