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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Happy Birthday to me.....

So my birthday was Friday. I turned 27. I had my typical "I'm getting old, no one likes me, I have no friends" pre-birthday funk going for about 2 days and came up with a new name for myself. I'm boring old beige Kayla. Nothing exciting, nothing crazy, nothing new about me.

Well not anymore!! In the tiniest of baby steps towards becoming someone I would rather be, I changed my hair. I've always had a complex about my hair and change is a very hard thing for me in general. I had the same hair style from junior high up till shortly before my son was born 2 years ago. Long hair with bangs. I've changed the color some over the years... gone black and kind of a weird Sun - In induced orange color, but it mostly stayed a boring dull brown. The births of my children heralded the arrival of quite a bit of white throughout as well.

I've always been envious of girls like Kelly Osbourne who change their hair as often as their clothes. People who really don't give a shit about what other people think of it, and go for whatever tickles their fancy. I scared 7 when I mentioned that I wanted to get a "sort of a modified mohawky kinda cut" and color it. First off, I don't describe things well, and secondly, one should never say one wants to get a mohawk to ones husband if he doesn't already have one.

After searching online for pics of hairstyles I liked, we found something that was very near the short cut I already had. The stylist at my salon said all I really needed was to learn how to use gel. So, we cut my hair, I learned the secrets of gel use..... always on mostly dry hair..... and then on the way home, we hit the hair color aisle of our local Walmart. I know, not really the place to get kick ass colors, but it was a start. We ended up buying a bleaching kit after several minutes of discussing what I really wanted to do to my head, and my quizzing 7 about his feelings on the matter. I wanted to make sure that I didn't end up looking like a freak to my hubby.

I screwed up enough nerve to bleach the crap outta my hair last night. I left the stuff on for the longest time they recommend leaving it and then washed it out. I was very surprised when I finally opened my eyes, looked in the mirror, and realized "I have orange and yellow hair!!!" 7 and I had a good long look at it and I decided I like it. It's got some really light yellowy white sections, some darker yellow and some orangy parts. When the tips are wet they look reddish. Pretty much, I look like I have flames on my head and I love it. Only mistake we made was doing my eyebrows too. I look like an albino Jake Busey wannabe. So I'll color them in for a while so I don't look so odd.

If I can get this much satisfaction from just bleaching my hair.... who knows how much fun I'll have trying different colors. Red and pink are at the top of my list right now, with a possible Smurf sighting at some point in the future.

I shall never be beige again!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Oh by the way, the trip was, for the most part, super. I'm so damn tired though and I don't think I will catch up on my sleep any time soon as the kids have adopted really odd sleep patterns. Oliver wants to go to bed around 7 p.m. and keeps getting out of his crib at 6 a.m. Luckily he has been wandering down the hall to Grandma's room instead of getting into trouble.

Charlie Girl, on the other hand, doesn't want to sleep at all. She wants to be held all day and night. She also started crawling while we were on our trip so I can't leave her alone in the bassinet for more than a few minutes at a time for fear that she's going to wake up and go over the side.

We're also trying to get the front room rearranged so that we can bring our king size bed over from storage. It is really frustrating to finally have my husband here but still be sleeping in separate rooms. I can hear him snoring through the wall, but get none of the benefits of his being close. He is the best heater a chronically frozen girl like me could find.

Aah guess what... Charlie Girl is awake yet again. Guess I'll have to try again later to tell more about the trip.
Just kill me!!!

I've got the mother of all sore throats right now. It started about a week ago with just a little bit of an annoying soreness when my throat would get dry. Now I swear there are some demented sadistic little elves in my mouth jabbing me with spears every time I swallow or talk. I'm tempted to just let the drool flow down my chin to save myself the agony. I've gargled salt water (bleech) and Peroxyl and used about a gallon Chloroseptic. I even gargled the Chloroseptic in a futile attempt to get some relief. Nothing is working!!!

I'm begging you..... just one hard whack in the head with a blunt object would do it.