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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Quickie - I got an email today saying that the Barenaked Ladies (the Greatest Group Ever) is looking for 500 people to show up in Hollywood on Tuesday to be the audience for their tv show pilot. I want to go soooo bad, but I don't think we'll have gas money for it. Maybe I can go sell some stuff to the second hand baby shop. I've got a ton of babyclothes that can go. I'll look into that Monday morning. I can't even tell you how much I want to go to that taping!!!!!! I'd sell 7 if it meant getting the cash to go. But I'd be lonely.
Yeah Yeah Yeah

I'm not dead. Been dead tired a lot recently due to Charlie always sleeping in my bed. Little weenie. Everyone here is doing ok. 7 still hasn't found a job, but is waiting for word on one from an interview he had a few weeks back. We keep calling and are getting told that it's down to him and one other guy, but apparently the fella making the decision isn't in any hurry. I've also been about ready to kill him since he's here all the time. I love having him around and hate it at the same time. Maybe if he detached his ass from the couch it would be better. I've got lots of things he could be doing while he is here, but he seems to have his own agenda. Grrr.... not that I'm being grumpy or anything.

Kids have been sick for a while. Chuck has a respiritory infection and we've been treating her with antibiotics. Poor Oliver has a nasty cough too. The doctor had us get a nebulizer and we've been giving them albuterol mist treatments. They don't like sitting still for that long and get really antsy about it.

I'm not quite sure what to do with my hair. I need to either rebleach it and dye it pink or go back to brown. I also need to get it cut desperately. I started to have some feelings of doubt about it the last few weeks. At first I loved it. The pink made me feel cute and confidant. Then it seems like recently a lot more people have been just outright staring or laughing at me. I don't know why it's so much more of an issue for me now than before. I've also been thinking about going another color but can't make up my mind. Perhaps blue. Who knows.

I've been feeling like a giant cow lately and I don't think getting my hair done will help much. With 7 home we stay up very late and end up eating a lot of crap at night. Then I get up with the kids and I'm tired, so I eat more to try to get some energy. And I've been upset and worried about our finacial situation so my ulcer has been acting up and I get heartburn, which I try to soothe with... you guessed it, more food. Exercise has been no where in the picture lately. My kids are going to forget what the sun looks like.

Guess I lost my happy happy joy joy today. Sorry.