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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SO for some reason we have a spider cage match going on here on the computer desk. We had found a brown widow spider in the kitchen and had put it in a jar. The next night we found a black widow in the kitchen. So we stuck her in the jar too. Then we put in one of the 8 million earwigs currently plagueing us in there as a third contestant. So far the action has included a lot of scurrying about and some leg waving. Tonight it got really good when the black widow finally caught the earwig and wrapped him up. While she was wandering around the jar again, the brown widow ran over and started to have a little snack. That really ticked off the black widow, who promptly ran over and ripped one of his legs off. Things were cool for a while after that with them pretty much leaving each other alone. For the past few minutes the lady has been slurping on the earwig. I think something else is going to happen pretty soon since the brown widow is poking the black widow while she's eating. I'll keep ya posted.